In addition to our weekly rides, we have numerous socials, special training events, and educational talks.


2018 Club Meetings & Socials

Club Kickoff Meeting & Social (Friday, March 30th, 6:30pm): Join us as we review our club plans for the year (weekly ride schedule, educational series, special event rides, and more), while sharing in some good company, food, and drinks. Location: club member Jim Kupferschmidt's house. 

Summer Party (Saturday, July 21th, 6:30pm): After pedaling hards all spring and summer we'll pause to celebrate and clink some glasses. Location: club member Mike McGurl's house. 

Year-end party and race reimbursement (Saturday, Oct 13th, 6:30pm): Join us one last time for the year for some war stories, giveaways, awards, and race reimbursement. Location: club member Jeff Kluge's house.  

Each of our club meetings and socials has been generously
underwritten by Big-D Signature Group! 

Educational Series

Throughout 2018, Intermountain Sports Performance Park City will host special educational talks at the Park City Hospital. Speakers will include Dr. Massimo Testa of Max Testa Training, Robert Kunz of First Endurance, some of our professional athletes, and others. 


SPORTS PERFORMANCE FOR THE AGING ATHLETE (Thursday, May 3rd, 6pm): Dr. Massimo Testa is a wealth of information and an incredible asset for us to have locally. Join us as he shares what happens to our bodies as we age and how to best work with and around these factors. 

PROPER FUELING FOR ATHLETES (Thursday, May 24th, 6:30pm):  How to properly fuel and hydrate while training, racing, and the days between, is one of the most significant ongoing challenges for cyclists, regardless of skill level. Learn the science behind these tricky topics and tips and tricks you can take into your own training.

TOUR DE FRANCE STORIES & LESSONS LEARNED (Thursday, June 7th, 6:30pm):  As Dr. Massimo Testa repairs to leave for the Tour de France as the lead doctor for the BMC Racing Team, he will share some fun stories from the past, the Tour ahead, and takeaways we can learn from.

OFF SEASONS STRENGTH TRAINING (Thursday, November 8th, 6:30pm): We all know strength training is important for cyclists, as well as aging athletes, and yet many of us have a challenge prioritizing this important work. Intermountain Sports Performance Park City will walk us through exercises we should consider and strategies for the off-season.

Special Triathlon Sessions

Our club is diverse, with road, mountain, cross, and triathlon athletes. New two 2018 will be an additional focus on triathlon. Professional triathletes and all-around good humans, Alycia Hill and Andrew Fast Will host two special training days where they will share tips and tricks of triathlon.

Saturday, April 28th: Our first triathlon day. Details and agenda will be supplied via email. 

Saturday, May 19th: Our second triathlon day. Details and agenda will be supplied via email. 

Alycia Hill: Professional triathlete with a half-ironman distance focus, and all around good human. Recent racing highlights: winning Duathlon National Championships in 2016, USAT Duathlete of the year 2017, qualifying for 70.3 World Championships 2017, and multiple podium finishes at the 70.3 distance.

Andrew Fast: Professional triathlete with a focus on the Xtri World Tour; long course triathlon in the mountains. "Xtri," or "extreme triathlon," takes long distance triathlon to a whole new level with steep claims and extreme temperatures where races have you swimming in fjords and climbing big mountain summits. "I'm excited to get involved with such a great group of people and helped fuel the fire for those looking to try multisport racing," says Fast.

Special Event Rides

In addition to our weekly rides, we have a few club sponsored rides and events you should plan on.  

Summer Solstice Everesting Ride (Sunday, June 24, all day loonnnggg): The concept of Everesting is fiendishly simple: Pick any hill, anywhere in the world and ride repeats of it in a single ride until you climb 8,848m – the equivalent height of Mt Everest. Regardless if you make one lap as an individual or a team, numerous on our chosen route, or even the whole enchilada, that will be a fun day in the saddle. Food and drinks will be provided. Route TBD.

Red Rock to Red Rock (Saturday, Sept 22): Join us for a fun and casually paced day in the saddle. After enjoying Bloody Marys at Red Rock Park City, we'll jump on our mountain bikes and ride up and over the crest, down into Salt Lake, and over to Red Rock Salt Lake for some beers and food. Transportation back to Park City will be provided. 

Max Testa Training Cycling Camps: Details to follow.


*Dates are subject to change, so be sure to attend our club functions and watch for email updates for the latest information.





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