Becoming a member is easier than the Rail Trail, and pays you back (literally!) for riding your bike.


Join our all-inclusive club that all skill levels can enjoy, from elite road, mountain, and triathlon racers to casual weekend-warriors, while in the process developing fitness and having a great time.  Enjoy exceptional club benefits and a variety of weekly rides and socials. It pays to be a member. Literally.

Step #1: Sign up

First things first, join as a member of the club as a General Member, U30 Member, or Elite Member. All of your member dues go towards club operations, from tacos and beer, supporting young riders, to race reimbursement. You can select a non-renewing membership, or save time next year by selecting the auto renewal option.

  • General Annual Membership: $40/year. Includes:  
    • Weekly rides, socials, and member benefits
    • $15 credit towards club kit
    • Race/event reimbursement: $25 per race, up to four per year ($100)*
  • U30 (under age 30) Annual Membership: $25/year. Includes: 
    • Weekly rides, socials, and member benefits
    • $25 credit towards club kit
    • Race/event reimbursement: $40 per race, up to four per year ($160)* 
  • Elite (Road: Cat 1/2, Mtn/Tri: pro) Annual Membership: $0. Includes:  
    • Weekly rides, socials, and member benefits
    • Two free kits, 50% off 3rd
    • Race reimbursement: $100 per race, up to five per year ($500)*
      To request an Elite level membership please contact us, speak with Jason, or drop by Mountain Velo and talk to Tim. Proof of categorization/qualification is required, and actual benefits are subject to change, both up and down, based on level, intent, and race schedule. Approval and benefits are determined by the SPC Cycling board. Must become a licensed racer for Stay Park City Cycling to receive full benefits. 

*See race/event reimbursements requirements on our benefits page. 

Non-Renewing Annual Memberships:
Auto Renewing Memberships:

Step #2: Order your jersey

 Our DNA store is currently closed. We will re-open the store again later this spring. 

Step #3: Register with USA Cycling (optional)

If you plan on racing, be sure to register with USA Cycling as team "Stay Park City Cycling." While beneficial in it's own right, this is also a requirement to be eligible for race reimbursement.   

Step 4: Follow us

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Strava to keep up with the latest news, events and to share your rides. 

Step 5: Download and return liability waiver

Last but not least, it's imperative you sign and return our liability waiver. Please email to Jason (you'll have the email address shortly after signing up).  


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